Grants To You

Volunteers Assisting Nonprofits With Their Grant Writing

Basic Grant Writing & Research Classes for Volunteers

Grants To You classes cover the basic skills, concepts and processes you will need to understand in order to help the local nonprofit of your choice to write grant requests and proposals. It also introduces you to the principles of researching in order to locate a suitable funder for your organization. The class also explores the participation required from the nonprofit in order to write an effective and compelling grant request.


Learn online for your convenience. Classes take 4 to 5 hours to complete. You will also be able to “bookmark” your place in the course and leave it at any time. When you return, you will be able to begin where you left off.

Scholarships are available for all of our volunteer only classes…please contact us.

1. Reading Class

As noted above, this course consists of 12 lessons. You do not need speakers or any advanced internet browser “plugins” to take this class. The class provides 5 hours of community service credits.
Cost:   $25.00 Introductory Price
We accept Visa and Mastercard.


Live Classes Postponed Until Further Notice Due to Corona (COVID-19) Virus

This class option is provided by your local Grants To You chapter and is taught in a locally based classroom. Note: Your community may not currently have this option (see below for more information). Join others in your community at a local class led by a GTU qualified grant writing instructor. Classes provide a total of 9 hours of instruction and community service credits.

If there are no local classes listed below, may we suggest that you consider one of our online classes (see above). We are confident that you will be pleased with the content and satisfy your learning objectives.

Scholarships are available for all of our volunteer only classes…please contact us.

We regret that there are no open classes at this time.