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Basic Grant Writing: Assisting your Non-profit Agency
Class Outline

Every grant writer/assistant needs to know the basics before they can write a successful grant application. This course will give you those tools (and more).

• Needs assessment
Every grant must to clearly define the community need for funding. This chapter will give you the tools to successfully research and write about the real needs that your non-profit is addressing.

• Program Description
This seems obvious! What are you going to do? We’ll take you through all the steps to writing a complete and readable description of just how wonderful your project really is!

• Ethics
If you want a good relationship with your potential funder, you’d better know the “unwritten rules” of the trade!

• Mission and Vision Statements
Many people don’t consider incorporating this into a proposal, but you must and we’ll show you how!

• Goals and Objectives
It’s so very important to write good goals and objectives. They will impact your project well into the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to make goals and objectives work for you!

• Budget and Budget Justification
Don’t be intimidated! Making the numbers work is made easy with the lesson and resources we give you in this course.

• Evaluation Procedures
How do you communicate with your funder about how your project is going? This plan should be in every proposal. Let us show you how you can be successful every time!

• Description of Facilities and Equipment
  Qualifications of Personnel and the Organization
It’s not what you say here, but how you say it. Use our guidelines and all your resources will impress.

• Getting the Word out for your Funder and You!
Many organizations neglect this. It’s so easy and so important!

• Appendices
Yes, there’s even an art to creating an impressive appendix.

• How to find a good funder
A grant is only as successful and the research you do to find a funder. We can help with resource links and processes to find the perfect source for your grant needs.

• Final Assignment
A quick and easy way to “get all your ducks in a row” before you send out your proposals.

Nothing’s stopping you from creating your dream proposal. Register now and find the resources to make those dreams come true!