Volunteers Assisting Nonprofits With Their Grant Writing

Over $3.84 Million in Grants Won for Non-Profits
Over 173 Grants Won — —Over 1195 Graduates
More than 850 Non-Profit Agencies helped


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Grants To You provides meaningful training in grant research and writing for our volunteers over a short period of time. Course content has to be spot on, drilling down to the very foundation of the topic in either live or online classes. You have lots of choices when it comes to learning how to write and research grants but we offer a unique program. It is for volunteers only who choose the nonprofit of their choice to help. We offer well qualified instructors at very low cost (scholarships available),accountability and follow up (See View Our Success Report)

Our live and online classes will provide what you need to help your nonprofit...that's the only reason we exist.
Back in 2002 the founder of Grants To You had an epiphany about utilizing volunteers to help nonprofits with their grant research and writing. Since that time over 1,140 volunteers have been trained and millions in grants won for designated nonprofits.
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